Andreas Birath (1974, Lidköping, Sweden) has a background in animation, coding and graphic design. Working in the advertising business exposed him to visual storytelling combined with technical innovation. Formally trained in traditional drawing and painting at The Florence Academy of Art, his work is focused on the intersection of art, technology and tradition.


Early work includes landscapes, still lifes and figurative motifs. Lately he has been reconnecting with digital tools to find new ways to combine his different skills and experiences. The human condition, mythology and emotionally charged compositions are recurring motifs in his work.


Exhibited in Europe and the US, his works have largely found their way to private collections. Limited edition prints and, since 2022, using blockchains (ethereum, tezos) have been ways to make his art accessible to a wider audience.


In addition to his artistic endeavors, Birath is also a co-founder and Academic Director of The Florence Academy of Art’s branch in Sweden since 2007 — a testament to his commitment to nurturing artistic talent and the next generation of representational painters.