An exploration of artistic techniques and mediums, where the fluidity of water is captured through an innovative blend of photography, digital painting, and oil painting. This series is a testament to a lifelong fascination with the mesmerizing surfaces of water, transforming its ever-changing nature into captivating visual abstractions.


Each piece in this collection begins with a walk and a response. The immediate surroundings around my studio contains water: lakes, a river, a waterfall, small streams. Capturing initial ideas of the intricate details and reflections found in these bodies of water with a sketch or using memory, I eventually set on loose concept and start collecting material. 


I take photos with my (beloved) Nikon D5500. I paint in oil, either on site or from memory. These elements serve as the foundational layer, grounding the artwork in the tangible world. The next stage involves merging them digitally and adding digital painting to the mix.


This technique, I have found, offers a unique way to draw from the strengths of each medium while maintaining the decision making process flexible (and as close to how it feels when I paint as possible). It also allows me to seemlessly glide between figuration and abstraction in a way that feels congenial to the subject matter. The result is a harmonious yet complex representation of water — a surface, a veil, between a below and an above.


The Ripples series will be available as limited edition prints on aluminum panels. The brushed aluminum adds a shine, a dynamic and reflective quality, that heightens and enhances the works in this series. Each print is signed on the back by the artist, and can be purchased from the webshop. Number of editions will be limited to 10.


In addition there will be editions available on the ethereum/base blockchain. These editions will be available to subscribers of the Ripples hypersub exclusively. Number of editions will reflect amount of subscribers and will be set per each monthly drop.


There are currently four works published, seen above. Additional works scheduled for second half of 2024.